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An Exploration Target has been derived as a range for the Wutonggou project using a number of parameters and a density of 2.7t/m³. The Exploration Target is between 100 to 200kt at a grade of between 2.0 and 2.5g/t Au. Westoria would caution the reader that the potential and quantity and grade of Exploration Target are conceptual in nature and shows there is insufficient supporting information to define a JORC Compliant Mineral Resource. It is also uncertain if further exploration and resource development work will result in the determination of a Mineral Resource.
Due to uncertainties with the early stage exploration data generated from initial trenching and drilling at Wutonggou the reliability of the Chinese Classified Resources Estimation for the gold lode is uncertain. Future exploration programs should be planned to either understand the in consistencies in the original data or be designed to re-drill, trench and re-sample the mineralisation. However exploration to date has shown there is gold and copper mineralisation extending over at least 250m along strike that warrants further investigation. In addition the remainder of the tenement that has had little modern systematic exploration.


■ Kyzyl Leto
■ Wutonggou