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At Kyzyl-Leto three resource estimates to 332 and 333 Chinese Mineral Classification have been completed. The initial resource estimate was undertaken at Kyzyl-Leto West, followed by Kyzyl-Leto East which were then validated and summarised in May 2013 by Chinese consultants. The combined Chinese classified resources for the Kyzyl-Leto project currently totals 4,271,500t @ 1.93% Cu for 82,300t of copper metal. Under the Chinese System of Resources Classification the resources have been classified as 332 and 333 which represent – Discovered but Indicated and Inferred respectively. Whilst Westoria considers that the resource estimates provided for the Kyzyl-Leto dykes do provide a reasonable assessment of the grade and tonnage of the mineralisation and have been appropriately classified under the Chinese System, there is no guarantee that the conversion from Chinese to Australian JORC-compliant Mineral Resources will occur.
An Exploration Target has been derived as a range for the Kyzyl-Leto projects using a number of parameters and a density of 2.92t/m³ and is based on the Kyzyl-Leto West and East dykes only. The Exploration Target is between 3.8 to 4.3mt at a grade of between 1.75 and 2.0% Cu. Westoria would caution the reader that the potential and quantity and grade of Exploration Target are conceptual in nature and shows there is insufficient supporting information to define a JORC Compliant Mineral Resource. It is also uncertain if further exploration and resource development work will result in the determination of a Mineral Resource.


■ Kyzyl Leto
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